Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You are cordially invited to a pity party…

Don’t you just love a good epiphany?

There’s nothing quite like sitting at your PC…glassy-eyed from Spider Solitaire game #41234…carpal tunnel syndrome a mouse click away…when it hits you.


That sucker-punching (insert expletive)

For the last 22 years you’ve been getting it wrong.

Disgustingly delusional, hopelessly hopeful and yeah, shamefully shammy. That’s been your life sister.

You’ll never wear a size 28 or get the guy or buy Jenni Button suits with toilet-paper-like regularity ‘coz you’ll never get paid enough at a job you love to do and you’ll have to get used to life being the schlep it is for trillions of other schlepers the world over.

It’s called Mediocrity darling…embrace it, for it is your calling.

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?