Sunday, September 11, 2005

On Albinoes

My friend is phobic
about Albinos,
She cannot stand
to see them.
It defies the bases
of all reason,
yet she's quaking
and she's freezing.

What's so bad about Albinos
I never fail to ask her.

"The fact
they lack
the basic stuff
that makes us yellow, brown or buff.
Coloured Skin,
They're pigment free,

But they're born that way
I never fail to say.

"But it can't be right,
Are they brown, yellow or white?"

But that doesn't matter,
if they're former, middle or latter.
Sans that melanin,
that coloured skin,
they just Be,
Him, She, You, Me.
Without that troublesome little cell,
Millennia's history goes to hell,

Wars unfought,
Struggles naught,

'Twould be no sin,
Born without melanin.

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