Sunday, September 04, 2005

You don't seem to do too well with instructions, do you?

hmm… this viral marketing actually seems to work..

To those of you visiting under the explicit directive:

‘Do not visit the following URL:

as indicated in an email you may have received, I must extend congratulations on your exercising of a healthy sense of curiosity.

Omnibus dubitandum (doubt everything), Marx said… I think.

No no, I’m not a commie-boetie and this is not my revolutionary manifesto.

I’m just pleased you’ve followed a golden rule so fundamental in our age of disinformation - “Don’t believe everything you read (or hear, or see, or eat…)”

What? I’m not paranoid, which of those bastards following me told you that?

Madness aside…Why are you here? Why are any of us here? Why is Patricia Lewis given permission to contest on trivia game shows? Why is Danny K allowed to dance in public? So many profound questions, so little time to explore and answer.

But here I am, Just a girl, in front of a blog, asking for the world to read it.

My apologies for bringing you here under false pretences.
As i've written in previous entries, this is an exercise in vanity.
But there is method to my mania.
In time i will post my writings to this blog, and the fact that you (yes you, the one who's wasting company bandwidth on email and surfing) made it on to my email listing, is indicative of the high ranking upon which i place your insight and opinion.
So please, leave a comment.
Tell me about all the constructive things you could have done in the time it took you to surf over here.

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Zubair Habib aka Life&timer said...

Im sure there are many fans who are overjoyed at the prospect of enjoying more of your writing!
Blogging is way cool, but like the name says, electric spaghetti, so give us a little more than the arb, to keep us coming back.

And how fortunate that we were all curious enought to follow the link. I think it was Einstein-o who said that curiosity is intelligence, or was it creativity?

unfortunately as time passes we become more narrow in our curiosity, possibly because doesnt reward us enough, so we become condidtioned. My curioisty has paid off nicely today...

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?