Tuesday, November 15, 2005

seeing the forest for the trees

Yesterday's sleep deficit, the three cups of full strength caffeine before 10 am, the two hour long status meeting (my status - leisure is now a cruel and laughable concept) and the compounding of twelve years of inadequacy; all contributed to what could only be described as one heckuva lousy afternoon.

And then i get the phonecall. It's the mother of one of my closest friends. It disorientates me somewhat as this is not a usual occurrence and I hope to God that the ice beginning to develop in my stomach is not about to translate into something tragic.

And it doesn't. Alhumdulillah.

But what she asks of me is, nonetheless, overwhelming.

She says that she's always considered me to be this vibrant, happy personality and how these qualities could help in assisting her son's friend who's having difficulties at home. She wants me to be a positive influence on this girl, to be a friend to her and maybe osmotically transfer some of my 'bubbly spirit and optimism'.

At that moment, I feel so utterly fake. How could I say that I was by no means suitable to play life mentor, when the only thing stopping me from chucking it all, was that I still needed to get through my slab of Lindt 70% coacoa.

But listening to her go on about this girl and how I could play such a vital role, I did an inner double take. Why did I get this call today, at this time, at the very moment that I felt like destiny was just out to shaft me?

It was like I had taken a serious misdirection and was plodding along some alien path to nowhere, when suddenly this signpost grew out of the ground in Hogwarthish fashion.

Sometimes people have alot more faith in you than you believe.

And that Big Guy, hey, i gotta say, He works in crazy ways.


zh said...

i fully agree, ur fully unsuitable to play anyones mentor!

saaleha said...

could i recommend you instead?

Anonymous said...

We have inneed created man in the best of moulds
Quraan 95:4

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?