Tuesday, December 20, 2005

a google gush

oh wow.

I'm going to burst in a katrillion sparkly tinsel pieces of delight.
I'm now able to access my gmail account from my cell phone.

goody goody goody gummy bears.




saaleha said...


that's all you need to tap into your mobile's browser, and away you go.

brainhell said...

rock over london, rock over chicago

Muhammad said...

Hah! you found it too.. there was site that did it before... but isn't it just AWESOME! (trying not to sound like an excited teenage girl getting her first cellphone)


Muhammad said...

btw.. you can blog from your cell too :) I'll leave your investigative abilities to it :)

saaleha said...

i know. i was so chaffed when i figured it out. the one way is to mms your post and the other is to access your mobile gmail and send it through from there. Only thing is i can't post pics because vodacom inserts a hyperlink to their mms page instead.

Anonymous said...

no wonder it didnt work that day! but i knew that soon enough, u'd work it out:)

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