Wednesday, December 07, 2005

michelangelo's ceiling

A Johannesburg skyline on fire.
And it looked to me, that it was almost as if God had just acknowledged Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam".


Muhammad said...

Word. Note this though... this picture was never seen and will never be seen again in the life of the earth, or our lives on this earth. That Picture was special to that particular moment in time and the exact likeness will never be seen again.

Michelangelo could never manage to match that beauty in the sky which we seldom notice, but often reminds us that... Allah is the Greatest.

To Him we belong and unto Him we shall return.


saaleha said...

and we are all but shabby counterfeiters of the Greatest Artist :)



Muhammad said...

VERY well said.

Peace & Respect,


brainhell said...

I have a much better sunset than that:


saaleha said...

i'm humbled.
you've captured beauty.
wow, i weep, in awe.

(my dinky moto v300 camera phone could never do that image justice)

brainhell said...

Your photo is very good, for a phone. I had no idea.

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