Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An email from the Outer Limits...

The following email will prove that IT people should occupy their own genus in the biological classification table.

Subject: Supplier and depot lookup
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:07:28 +0200

Attention!!!!!!The supplier and depot lookups have been changed. Dont
worry, your code WILL NOT BREAK!!!!

The supplier lookup now searches the depot table. The depot lookup (oddly enough) does the same. These two lookups will not be merged. The jsp for the supplier lookup will now display depot code as opposed to supplier code. If you look at the SupplierLookupAction, you will find that it still returns an object
of type Supp.

The Supp object will remain to be set on request as
LookupConstants.SUPPLIER_LOOKUP_RESULT. New!! The DepotBean object will be added to request as LookupConstants.SUPP_LOOKUP_DEPOT_BEAN for possible future use.

Please also note the following : Supp extends DepotBean Extends

The depot lookup will look and work as normal. For now. A Depot object will be set on the request as LookupConstants.DEPOT_LOOKUP_RESULT. Note: Depot extends DepotWithContactsBean extends DepotBean extends SupplierBean

The sql for the loaders has altered slightly. If qrywrap is run it will
stuff up the loaders. I will then make it my lifes mission to hunt you down. You will not die, but you'll certainly pray for death. To avoid blood being shed, a new set of loaders have been created. They are :

A principal supplier lookup which searches the supplier table will be added by later today.

Long story short : Your code will not break, your life will go on. (possibly at the expense of my sanity)

Any questions??PS : Have a nice day

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