Monday, May 08, 2006

of course, he gets off.

Not Guilty. The Zuma camp cheers.

Lessons learned from the Zuma rape trial:

Having unprotected sex with an HIV+ person is no big deal if you take a
shower afterwards.
How you dress is a clear indication of your sexual intent.
If you are the victim of rape, you better make damned sure you've got a
sexual history that would make Mother Theresa look easy.

Of course, it could all just be a grand conspiracy, a tribally motivated plot hatched in the name of discrediting a man pegged for the presidency. Rape charges, corruption charges, yep, there's definitely some dark malignant force at hand here. We all know where Dan Brown's getting the material for his next book. And they all lived happily ever after kids. Except for the 15-year-old whose boyfriend just gave her Aids and a baby, coz Msholozi set a fine example.


zee said...

i honestly think he was innocent...i really do ok!

btw, its good to see your blog is still going strong!


saaleha said...

i guess we'll never really know what happened that night, but the man's declarations were reckless and retrogressive. That in itself, deserves a trial.

Anonymous said...

The debate has been raging for ages in the Vuvu offices.

I think the whole damn thing is big shame and quite frankly, disgusting! Did we really have to be put through the ordeal of having to hear what turns the JZ on...

N now even using baby-oil gives me the creeps...

Ok, I sound pretty conservative... but it makes me exactly do you try a rape case without ridiculing the accuser and exposing both the accuser and accused's sexual secrets...

i mean, can you imagine yourself in that situation...on either side of it?

As for whether it is part of a political seems scarily obvious that it is.

A bit too obvious if you ask me...

(im sure we would not want mbeki as pres if we knew his sexual history. mind you we prob wouldn want nybody whose sexual history ws public to be our pres.?)

But as far as the actual trial goes...The fact is that there is a lot that we dont know about what is really happening in this country...

Or perhaps we do know, n we hav known 4 quite some time...but we've been content to not to question it...

Or like Anas Al Takriti said when he visited South Africa last year, we have been far too complacent.

Th question is not what is actually going on or what has been going on, It is,
- Safeeyah

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