Thursday, June 29, 2006


Next week, this time, the Munshi's and I will be soaking up kultcha and art-cred in the quaintly cobbled streets of ye olde Grahamstown (shh... Mish, yah, so they're not really cobbled, don't kill the moment with detail).

Four fab festival days filled with all things arty-fartified and thespian.

I've upgraded from the dinky moto v300 to a bulky-but-beautiful-in-my-eyes sony-ericsson w550i, so do expect maximum mo-blogging at


Muhammad said...

Word. I would say how jealous I am, but that would not be in the spirit of things, no? So... Have an excellent Time. Don't Sleep. Gather Knowledge, Gather Culture, Gather Life.
Just Don't Lose Yourself.


sokari said...

Hi - I have added your blogs to the African Women's Reblog set up to aggregage blogs by African women - we hope to develop it further as time goes by. Would appreciate a link back

many thanks

Fatima said...

i'm green.
my green eye is green with envy.
ok, jealous moment over.
right, one day i shall go for it.
it's been my dream since high school. the closest i got to it was the provinicial schools festivals, which only showcased a selected number of items from the NA Fest.
close enuff.

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