Monday, July 24, 2006

The Good Weekend...(1)

My dad used to call an elderly aunt on my mother's side 'Leila Khaled', because of the dark glasses she'd wear to mask her lazy eye. Growing up, thats all I knew of this Leila, a nebulous figure in blacked out shades, infamous for some sort of hijacking and an aunt of biscuit-dry wit who got done in when cancer got her last laugh.
Surrealism tinged the weekend, almost like when the Che head on someone's t-shirt suddenly animated and asked what he was doing as a logo. We met the woman behind the icon, the living, breathing, cigarette-smoking mother who once hijacked planes and the news agenda of the early 70s to tell the world that a gross injustice had been done to her people.
Terrorist, freedom fighter; titles tied to your context, she stood before us and declared "let our dreams worry our enemies."

With Hell visiting in Lebanon and Gaza, I pray dreams aren't being burned along with everything else.


I 'Walked the Talk' this Sunday, and woke this morning to feel every single meter of the ten kilometres my sneakers slapped.


note to self: a pot of chamomile tea does not cancel out a double-espresso imbibed after 10pm.


Muhammad said...

Our dreams will be their nightmare, just as Truth cannot live with Falsehood.

Leila, another hero transported through time, through space to make us remember. Just Like the Che on the T-shirts... it isn't that his legacy is contaminated by consumerism... its that his face as a logo still represents what's still alive in Lebanon and Palestine.

It's what we attach to him that matters.

"I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man. - Che Guevara

As V said, Idea's are Bulletproof.


P.S. Rub some Deep Heat and stop complaining ekse ;P

Isheeta said...

Very strong statement - I too pray and hope their dreams dont die with everything else. Kudos to you for making the effort to get to know someone behind the poster!

zee said...

hey hey hey...dont diss the herbal tea

...say, how do u spell 'diss'? - yes, i know i just spelt it - but is that the correct spelling?

saaleha said...

yes Zee, i believe that is the correct spelling, it is also the name of a little town in South Norfolk. Glory Glory Google :)

realist said...

Caught the doccie - missed her though...

queen_Lestat said...

Yeah I also grew up with tales of the legend that is Leila Khaled. The courage to stand up for your beliefs and convictions etc etc. Annecdotes from Che Guevara's life were the bedtime stories from my dad. Leila Khaled from my mum.(Hell no wonder I am the way I am).
Many people think we're a generation with no cause. But we are. We only need to look in the paper or right outside our front doors to see injustice and to take a stand.

Bilal said...

Free Palestine!
- - -
Find it strange that nobody here in Zanzibar knows whats going on in the middle east...

-saf- said...

i thought "Hell" was only in Baltic sea.
i do pray that our enemies realize that technological supremacy is no means of success-success is "say: theres non worthy of worship but Allah" -you will be successful!

brainhell said...

Your aunt? A hijavker? Or did I whiff?

I think it's spelled 'dis' as in disrespect.

Fatima said...

herbal teas are good for the system.
but coffee is good for the soul...

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?