Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jim Carrey on Self-Control

Let me qualify this post by pointing out that this was picked up in a work-related google scavenge-

"Go ahead and squander your chi. But I guarantee you heaven isn't in
Miss March's pussy.... Heaven is on the other side of that feeling you get when
you're sitting on the couch and you get up and make a triple-decker
sandwich. It's on the other side of that, when you don't make the
sandwich. It's about sacrifice.... It's about giving up the things that
basically keep you from feeling. That's what I believe, anyway. I'm
always asking, "What am I going to give up next?" Because I want to
feel. "

~Jim Carrey, from a Michael Fleming interview in the March 2004 issue of
Playboy magazine


Muhammad said...

It's only when you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything.

Something similar i guess. People underestimate the value of sacrifice. but I belive sacrifice needsto be for a purpose, not for the sake of sacrifice itself. That would be ultimately selfish.



FU said...

hmm.. and ramadan is only a month away.. well a little over a month.

Bilal said...

ya rite- and this work related search involves Playboy how??! :-P

Fatima said...

i just saw playboy and forgot everything else :P
i agree with bilal :P

Isheeta said...

wicked post still. a whole level of hierarchy in maslow's pyramid! thank you playboy :D

saaleha said...

bilal & fatima - silly rabbits of the guttermind persuasion, i was googling for the value of 'self-control' and the search came back with a page of quotes including the one i subsequently blogged. so there!

Bilal said...

ok saaleha.
im convinced that you dont read playboy.
fatima. are you convinced?! :-P

Fatima said...

hehehehe! :P

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