Tuesday, August 29, 2006

rhetorical pontification...(1)

In my best Paula Cole; Where have all the cowboys gone?
- Those swaggering unapologetic bastards who never whinge about being short-changed, whose stock response to karmic moodiness is "fuck you and the pony you rode in on, ma'am" and then proceed to chew on zen and pensivate the tumbleweeds that bring in the rains.


brainhell said...

Abu gaba nomsaphlex.

saaleha said...

ah yes, brainhell, your subtle comment of 'wtf'.
i realise i'm often obtuse.

queen_Lestat said...

I've long since had a Steve McQueen thing, probably for that reason...

I think the reticulents took the cowboys and replaced them for a new generation with the likes of Dim Diesel and Co. Screw the horses (Ok that just sounded so bad) swap 'em with horsepower said the guy with the big desk at the Hollywood HQ.

Muhammad said...

okay, I may seem a bit blonde.. but this is one post which flew over my head and so did some tof the comments. Saaleha.. you and the Queen need to come down to the common folk.

lol.. kidding. I kind of got it.. juswt kind off, you know borderline between understanding and confusion.

hehehe.. maybe i hsould hsutup and get a dictionary... again.




P.S. I assume this was the post the insecure male got irked on. so.. choke bastard Choke! If it wasn't about you before.. it sure is now. :)

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