Wednesday, September 20, 2006

See you later Raz

You left last night on a jet plane.

You bright spark you; all the way to the London School of Economics to spend the year pursuing your Masters in Human Rights.

Non-negotiables: I'm going to miss you. Lots and lots.

Now I'm going to pull out and dust off the "I'm bad with goodbyes".

But then I'm going to blink and it's going to be May 2007, and I'll be on my own jet-plane on my way to the UK to say "hey, it's been no time at all".


Muhammad said...

We swirl and swirl around this world, but our friends will never budge an inch from ourselves.

They are an inseperable part of us as we are of them.

The links only break if you let them.


Fatima said...

thank god for email, cellphones and msn messenger! :P
and if you're feeling like having a face to face encounter, invest in a webcam (or just visit) :P

friends are what all of us need in life.
hopefully the time will fly by...

(btw, it's so awesome that you're going there next year! are you going for work or pleasure?)

saaleha said...

going over for a two-weekish break most likely, inshallah.

The Organ Harvester said...

Dont go there. It's ugly there and people over there have poor personal hygiene and terrible skin. They speak funny and they enslaved the Scotts and Irish. I spit on the the english. Oh yeah back to you? If you go blogging will have no meaning.

Oh lord I missed it. Our anniversary yesterday. Happy Anniversary. Bunch of flowers in the mailbox I promise.


Fatima said...
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Sumayya said...

Yes, bye bye raz...

I hope u had a good flight--hand luggage lunacy aside--which reminds me, how was the BA toothpaste?


And if u start to miss home, just go to green street or edgeware road...

besides the accents, it will be like u never left fordsburg (although i'm not so sure how that's a good thing exactly ... )

All the bestest!

And Saal, for a second there u had me thinking that u too were off to foreign shores...

everybody's leaving...
maybe we should all just quit our day jobs and follow a trend_


Bilal said...

Fitting farewell post- best wishes from my side as well..
but raz, i acutally hate you:P ok, thats the wrong word- just seriously, seriously jealous:)
All the best!

queen_Lestat said...

bleh goodbyes suck, but yeah I agree with fatima, big up to digi talk

razina said...

And whereever I may be, we will always be 'Razina and Saaleha' - on a mission to do as much damage as possible.

I miss you so much already!
Can't wait till you get here.


JAmmy said...

Strange.. im trying to leave the damn place and people are pre planning visits. Good luck anyway and inshallah you'll enjoy yourself. Also.. if u get stuck in the tube the magic word to say is bomb, people never run so fast after any other word than that.(",) Good luck and Ramzaaan Mubarak.

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