Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2006 - The Retrospective (revisited)

I begin to fold up 365 days. I catalogue tokens, tickets and stubs marking experientials, things I did (and didn't) along with habits I failed (and the ones that failed me). I put these into piles; Discard and Memento. Some of these will carry me into the years that proceed (Allah willing), some will drag water. I must choose wisely, the things to keep and that which will lay bare to the sun on the scrapheap.

And what will I write in black marker on this box before I pack it away?
“This is the year;
I signed off weekdays from 8am-5pm.
I allowed gym fees to debit my bank account.
I passed my drivers license test.
I sang with Robbie Williams.
I bought a car.
I moved house.
I changed towns.
I loved.
I lost. (and my heart cracked) {but how else would I have known it's strength?}
I found that while i am averse to boiling bunnies, I make a damn good stalker.
I went to the Grahamstown Arts Festival.
I found a pebble shaped like a heart on a beach in PE.
I made mistakes. And they know who they are.
I blogged.
I said goodbye.
I became a little more cynical.
I became a little more hopeful.
I lost friends, kindred spirits, soulmates.
I found friends, kindred spirits, soulmates.
I read.
I went to the Live concert.
I laughed.
I cried.
I cried.
I laughed.
I lost sleep.
I overslept.
I worked hard.
I slacked off.
I lied.
I walked.
I wrote some poetry.
I made a list of things to do.
I went to Capetown.
I went to Kimberley.
I went to Mafikeng.
I went to Bloemfontein.
I parallel parked.
I went to the movies alone.
I smiled.
I started using Mxit.
I watched a movie being made.
I questioned my mental well-being.
I realised that everyone else is as fucked-up, if not more so.
I met a few local celebrities.
I had some fun with 419-scammers.
I watched Saul Williams and Suheir Hammad as they punched holes in my spirit's complacency with their spoken word.
I cut my hair.
I took more pictures.
I went on blind dates.
I acted with cowardice on one occasion.
I figured out how to deep-etch an image in Photoshop.
I learnt how to use Quark Express and Scribus.
I asked a stranger her name.
I attended crazy x's walimah.
I met my doppelganger in cyberspace.
I went to the Eid Gah.
I found out some bitter self-truths.
I discovered my strengths.
I listened as Leila Khaled spoke of her vision.
I laughed at George Galloway's barbs when he spoke at Wits.
I became my worst enemy.
I became my best friend.
I got lost.
I found a way.
I hacked mp3s using google.
I was quoted in the Mail & Guardian.
I dreamt in music.
I shared in a friend's grief.
I shared in a friend's joy.
I learnt.”


kimya said...

know wat i love most about this piece.. the line:
"i made mistakes, and they know who they are"

that one chisselled a fine line right through this simple clay being..:)

so now u can say quoted by MnG and kimya too :P

take care

singleguyct said...

Hey Ms. Bamjee this easily the most emotive piece of writing I have read all year, I feel the pain, joy, sadness in the words. Honestly, you are an impressive human being, and I'm so glad that you left that comment on my posting once which led me here. If you were in Cape Town, I might have been inclined to stalk you even...!

Zahera said...

:-) lol- im hoping to do my own "2006 retrospective!" God, alot of what youve written touches me to the core and brings it all back- fresh in my mind!
Quite a year its been huh! I love the way we as humans are so adaptable and if we wish, can truly take the lessons of life away with us. Whilst some lessons still need to be learnt- roll on 2007? :-)

the guy who writes this crap said...

you PARALLEL PARKED?! *bows* we're not worthy, we're not worthy...i haven't done that since I got me licence! Coz i can't.

um...arent you a little old for mxit, hmmm?

the guy who writes this crap said...

oh, hey and all the best for 2K7...

Dew said...

Hey, Saals. I really liked this piece:) Mind if I do a smiliar thing in my blog? If not, no worries - mind you I havn't done half the things you've done.

Wow, what'd you get quoted for?


saaleha said...

guy: you're never too old to chat on the cheap with your friends:)

dew: hey, this is open source, feel free to do similar on your own blog:)

saaleha said...

oh, i was quoted in an article on polygamy:)

kimya said...

that sounds interesting!

share the quote and or article, please? id love to read it :)

Anonymous said...

sals you rule!

Would have liked to do a piece like yours but I would have ended with a whole of your mother is so quotes. LOL@SingleGuyCT ---> dude take a number and wait in line. Blog land is turning into "there's something about Saleeha" wink wink nudge nudge poke poke.

Anonymous said...

just crawlin through on the recommendation of a mutual friend...pretty deep for spaghetti :P

Anonymous said...

Wots strikin bout this is that each person feels an emotive empathy.u captured every essence of wot life really is.heres to discoverin n doin a whole lot more in 2007

su said...

so quoted in m&g huh...

Anonymous said...

mj liked this piece. he smiled. he also used the model in the shower to frame his year. he realised it was lacking in depth. mj is just shallow i guess :P he also learnt that reffering to himself in third person is annoying to other bloggers who read his comments. maybe mj will learn in 2007.... but mj doubts it :)

Anonymous said...

Buy the dress. buy the dress. That was my attempt at mind control.

I'm sure you are going to have somewhere to wear it to soon.
buy the dress. buy the dress

The OH

Anonymous said...

...and you were remembered inside of taj mahal TODAY...
you even have fans in india...
keep it up sals!

Anonymous said...

... and you were remembered inside of taj mahal...
you even have fans in india...
keep it up sals

Anonymous said...

I'm not your average blogging community person,(not much of a technology fan as well, not much of a reader as well),so when i say that your writing has impressed me, i really mean it!
Talent is a gift, yours being an orchestra of words, let the world bask in your melodious sounds!

Ruby :) said...

hey there... you've had one amazing year, but the last line sums it all.. "i learnt'... remember, through the good and the bad, happy and the sad, there is always a lesson to learn.. weel done on all your achievements for the year!!!

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?