Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Before the simians bang out Beowulf, they decided to try a practice run.


su said...

so u went out and photographed it?
i just hope u didn't buy it..!
if u did..
i wanna borrow it...
it's a must read_!
right up there with Ms Hilton's 'Confessions of an Airhead'

the guy who writes this crap said...

HOW DARE YOU! How dare you mock the literary genius of The Hoff?! This is the man that brought slow-motion bouncin' boobies to TV and you choose to dishonour him?! you're gonna have lots of people in Germany very angry at you.


the guy who writes this crap said...

you bought that book, didn't you?

saaleha said...


no, i did not buy it.

i've built up a reader-rep at exclusive books in hyde park, the purchase would have earned me negative points on my fanatics card.

The Organ Harvester said...

Could not have described better. You rule

SAL Fan Club

El Presidente

Priya said...

OH NO! and I thought the world could not get any worse...OH WHY OH WHY are there books about that blond bimbo and this male bimbo too?
Are even books no longer sacred from this sort of brain washing?
I pity the fool who gets this as a Christmas present, and the one tasteless enough to buy it.

Anonymous said...

'seid alle Schweine'

as president of 'Hasselhoff associated real Diciples outside norway', i find your similie to be tasteless and damaging to the hoff. the hoff has brought nothing but happiness to the 1.1 billion watchers of baywatch, worldwide - might i add that certain religious faiths dont even have such vast followings. we at HARD-ON request you remove this slovenly piece of literature( your post, not the book)
we also have been told by secret insiders (working at barnes and nobles germany that the autobiography has sold more copies than all the harry potters put together!
If you would like to find out more about being a HARD-ON please e-mail us on Hoffisgod@HARD-ON.com

singleguy said...

I'm actually a fan of the Hoff's earlier work. His acting was so good that he made that talking car seem much more intelligent.

But thank you very much for the link on infinite monkey theorem, I found i very interesting, and definitely learned something I did not know. For me, that doesn't always happen, so you may want to mark this day on a calender somewhere.

What I found even more fascinating under TV and Radio on that wikipedia article, gives examples of how this theorum was parodied in TV Cartoons. It just shows, that the real joke of these TV Shows like the Simpsons are the people who DON'T GET IT, because they're not intelligent enough. Like Me.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha, thats hilarious! Good stuff. :)

Anonymous said...


Beef Strogan-Hoff.


Priya said...

aww saal, was that picture taken when we were at Wits? Looks oddly fimiliar...hmmm........

Anonymous said...

i couldnt care less about Baywatch....but he was Knight Rider u know.

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