Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scenes from Cité, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg

The sofa Rowena dubbed "orgasmic".

A stripey wall effort, strategically placed next to the bar. I'm guessing this will provide patrons who've imbibed one too many Cité Coolers with hours of "yellow submarine/lucy in the sky " burlesque wonderment.

Stating the obvious: Their interesting wrought iron door.

The Cucumber Mousse with Caviar starter (summer-creamy meld that held well with the cucumber, offset by the subtle snap of the caviar).
Mains was a Tomato Soup with Cumin and Coriander (dhana-jeeru addition brought on a soothing reminiscence of home and a tongue-pleasing combination of sweet and spice) with a Passion Fruit Mousse for dessert (like an oral inhalation of a smoothly flavoured cloud, thrillingly airy) .
I recommend their Chocolate Gateau too (with all the quality of swoonish oh-my-almighty-Deity-this-is-so-damn-good).

And to end off my foray into the domain of the gourmand, an almost God-Shot, capped by a perfect crema, like sunshine caught in porcelain.


Zahera said...

*gulp* erm i think i'll stick to my bag of chips! Its as gourmet as i can handle :-D
Btw , did that mousse taste good? cos it looks disgusting lol :-)

saaleha said...

Heathen! Philistine!


I have eclectic tastes, meaning my tongue has not been fried numb by excessive quantities of garam masala.

So while i love a really good hot tarkari, something like the subtlelty of peppered avocado in a vineleaf wrap is not lost on me:)

Anonymous said...

i think the mousse looks tantalising!maybe cos i hungryy!

Zahera said...

Peppered avacado in a vineleaf wrap? :-D loooll.. my god sals- you sure as heck have refined taste! What can i say- im as common as they come! ;-)

Is Masood-THE masood? :-P

Dew said...

Haha, which masood is THE Masood? Please dont inflate his already inflated ego;)

Zahera said...

Masood on MJ's bloggy? :-) Ego or no ego- whats the big deal? :-P

Anonymous said...

im still not following all these photo's...what are they all supposed to mean?


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