Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Mandatory New Years Post

Anti-Resolutions 2007
  • Drink lots of carbonated, sugary soft drinks made by multi-national corps with Zionist leanings.
  • Chat on Mxit while attending social events.
  • Maintain a 50km radius between myself and the gym at any given time.
  • Sleep more.
  • There is nothing wrong with writing “research” on your time-sheet for three hours spent online reading personal blogs.
  • Ignore people in general. Especially those who smile too much. They know something you don't.
  • All is fair in love and parking.
  • Smoking at least 8 cigarettes a day means more jobs for little kids picking tobacco leaves in South America.
  • Empower beggars by giving them a Rand for every Elton John song they know. It's a hand-up not a hand-out
  • Litter.
  • Remember that reading celebrity gossip contributes to your knowledge of Current Affairs.
  • Use “lol” and “kewl” more often in daily offline conversations.
  • Forward those delightful power-point kitsch presentations to everyone in my contact list, because nothing says I think you're special quite like Spam.
  • Break a few hearts.


Acid aside, may the defining essence of 2007 be that of meaningful sacrifice; that of giving up all which lessens you by taking on those things that demand of you.


Clouds transgress the sun at Hartebeespoort Dam on Christmas Day 2006.


Dreamlife said...

its a nice idea, that of meaningful sacrifice - but i wouldn't necessarily agree with the "taking on those things that demand of you" part.

many times, the things that demand of you are really not so important - but they are still demanding. and if you give in to them all the time, it becomes a habit, which - in effect - "lessens you" by draining you.

so, nice idea, but i wouldn't apply it in *all* situations. discretion is required.

sacrifice is good - its better to give than receive; there's more reward in it :)

saaleha said...

by saying, "demand of you", i mean those things that will challenge you, push you to go beyond yourself and in doing so, make more of you.

:) happy new year Yacoob.

Muhammad said...

Have a gr8 2007 Saal.

I love the antiresolutions-. may adopt them too :P

right now, it's "stop focusing on the important stuff and spend more time on mundane, timewasting things like watching movies, and trying to patch up work issues last minute..."

hehehe thats some insight into me :)



bibi-aisha said...

I loved the '..things that lessen u.,demand of u' i dnt eva make new year resolutns- njoyd this post. Also took a trip to harties xmas day

the guy who writes this crap said...

but i luuurrv those superhappyshinylove powerpoint presentation thingies...NOT!
I just "remix" 'em into something bad and send them right back

deadcrab said...

Litter, lol. Whatever happened to 'Zap-it in a Zibi Can'?? :P

Bleh, does pressing the little wheelchair guy next to word verification more than twice mean i can park in the special parking bays at the clearwater entrance??

Ahmed said...

Happy New Years! And Eid Mubarak!

mazozo said...

Lol claasic think some of those anti resolutions on my list too he he

arshad said...


All The Best For 2007-->>

This is the best post i have read this year..
keWl StuF..

Zahera said...

LOL! love it :-) especially the:
"There is nothing wrong with writing "research" on you time sheet for hours spent online reading blogs." :-D Its the lifeee! :-P

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