Monday, February 26, 2007

one of those blog polls

From the list that follows, choose the option that is most relevant to your online experience -

I read blogs to:
  1. au fait myself with current pop-culture. (and procrastinate)
  2. stay clued up with current-affairs and the social mores of our time. (and procrastinate)
  3. immerse myself in the vicarious thrill of reading about someone who gets more action than i ever will. (and procrastinate)
  4. feel better about myself, because evidently there's a lot more fucked-up people out there.
  5. look for heathens and bring them to The Path.
  6. learn about new cultures. (and procrastinate)
  7. m33t 7ik3-mind3d p30p73. (and procrastinate)
  8. comment so that people will click on my profile and visit my blog.
  9. pick up chicks.
  10. pick up guys.
  11. pick up kids.
  12. procrastinate.
Leave your answers in Comments.


Jammy said...

All of the above(",)

ed said...

somewhere between 1,2 & 3

The K-man said...

I would say 5 and 7, but definately 5! I cant help but get up in the morning pick up my boom stick and preach the word of the Good Lord. If they dont listen well i just introduce them to my boomstick. heeeyaah!

Alienlovesecret said...

Procrastinate seems to be all over the show, pretty much like the blog most people would wish to have. So I’ll go with that one. Also cos we don’t have internet in outer space (guess this rules out number 7) – I mean to actually see naked people, know what they had for lunch and how the fuck they make it... Daym! all that data for nothing and in a span of
min abs[0.000001*10000e-3] megaseconds...
we really cant beat it!

Dew said...

I would say 1, 2 5 and 7.

But maybe I'm confusing them...(tried to keep them in my head and write it down since 'show oringinal post' is not showing me the numbers and I'm getting confused)

Or am I saying I wanna pick up kids? Wait that was 8...I think.

deadcrab said...

13. forget that jason is out to get me!! :P

fida said...

12 . . .


'liya said...

Haha, anything that has to do with procrastination sounds good :D

::: SPEEDY ::: said...

i believe u looking for ... procrastination is the thief of time ..... or was it the other way round.... ill look it up .but later

Skull Crusher said...

I think I am going to go with nine (9) chad.

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

pick up chicks? pick up guys? pick up kids? lol. I thought those were very odd options until i saw people actually choose them :) ok they are still very odd but never thought blogging would be for those purposes. odd.. very odd.

err is there any option that was along the lines of getting my writing read by others? cant remember the options or the numbers.

oh remember almost everything had option 12 as a side item.

hmmm (thinkin).. 1 & 2 come reltively close. ok they are far from it, but the closest i would think.

hey number 8 was the one that said .. comment so others would click on your blog..@ dew.. i think.

do i get paid for surveys?

Moe said...

its just to escape from this superfecial world. It seems like everyone where's a mask now days.

The blogs just gives u a chance to realise normal people exist and ure not alone!

so i guess this falls under #7. o and i keep in touch wif my techno savvy friends.

the guy who writes this crap said...

um...let's see. why do i read blogs. WHY read blogs? why READ blogs? why read BLOGS?, no! 1 uh...make that 2........................................................nah, i just like to procrastinate, so 12.

SingleGuy said...

But seriously...
12 is an option everyone could go for.

Mostly I blog to fulfill my childhood dream of writing and publishing, despite knowing that I'm a talentless fool.

Oh, and to read what most normal people are up to.

But on the other hand....Could blogging be considered "Normal" behaviour? And the answer according to the definition of Normal. No. I cannot see that 95% of the world's internet savvy people blog or read blogs. I would think bloggers would definitely fall beyond 2 standard deviations and THEREFORE...cannot be considered normal.

Of course, I have no numbers or stats to back me up on this, it's just gut feeling.

Maybe some of our extremely smart Bloggers out there who are Actuaries or Statisticians as their Alter-egos may be able to work that out for us?

Is Blogging Normal?

M Junaid said...

i read blogs because i'm learning how to read, and most blogs feel like they're written by toddlers anyway :P (including mine)

well - actually, i'm just fascinated with people's minds. i dont use my blog for dawah - but hey - if it inspires someone, i'm all for easy route to heaven :)

thesis = procrastination, so that will be the most prominent reason, but strangely , the reason i read blogs these days is to catch up on my friends lives

Zahera said...

.... im just a nosey bitch? PROCRASTINATION! wahaayy -i just waste time and do anything to avoid doing some REAl work! Actually i like reading about other people's life/im intrigued and i like to read how other people think. Its also amazing how you really connect with some people in the cyber world (actually it doesnt surprise me anymore).

Fatima said...

Because I'm inquisitive and a BIG CHACHIMA!!!


Number 12 I guess and number 5 (GRIN) and number 3 (you go ppl! you do it! woot!!)

Bilal said...

4 without doubt. And hopefully 9 some day:) pick one from this list below.

I write blog posts that:

1.Force people to leave comments
2.Force people to leave comments
3.Force people to leave comments:P

Sofi said...

the list isnt long enough :P

Zahira said...

i'd say 12 lol coz i'm always procrastinating sumthin or the other :)

Priya said...

Other then procastination (my fave pass time) I would claim numbers 5 to 7.

Arfeen said...

haha .. quite interesting choices ... Seems like Procrastination == blogging?
#4 sounds good too .. it feels good to know that you're not the only one messed up in the head :p

mazozo said...

Numbers 1 through 1o excluding number five HEHE

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?