Friday, March 16, 2007

not quite the curtain call (yet)

"I had 'em Jerry. They loved me."
"And then?"
"I lost 'em. I can usually come up with one good comment during a meeting, but by the end it's buried under a pile of gaffes and bad puns."
"Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, say goodnight and walk off."

George and Jerry, in "The Burning".


Fatima said...


SingleGuy said...

Seinfeld is a mirror of my life. Stand-up routine and everything!

Anonymous said...

Not yet! there's still a long way to go. I was thinking this morning, it's amazing how when we get to a summit, we want to call it quit thinking it's the end of the journey. But from the dream giver, what i have learnt is that the dream is not ours in the first place, it's He's we only have the honour of executing it and it goes from stage to stage. Lift your head up, you'll spot other summits to conquer. :)

The K-man said...

I miss seinfeld

FU said...

are u saying.. ur ending your blog?


where's my brain candy going to come from?

saaleha said...

as briefly considered, as rapidly discarded.

M Junaid said...


my new url is


t.a.z. said...

you have been tagged!

see my blog...


Bilal said...

this blog ending? never.

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