Tuesday, April 24, 2007

achtung! this blog may induce labour...

...or you may just pee yourself.
Either way, the ramifications are substantial.

Here's to Aadi, whose water broke after she surfed over here last night.
Congrats to you and Hardy on your little Nanabhai.
A mommy! You're a mommy! Can't freaking believe it.
No fear little one, you're momsie's gonna be so cool.
Ah, the stories Aunty Saaleha will tell you when you're older and start asking the fun questions.



Fatima said...

Wow..that's amazing!
I'll tell my sister to surf here in late July/Early August when she's fed up of being the big huge hippo called Gloria (new name for her by Hamza-my sister is not pleased with her son).

Congratulations to the new parents :)

Saaleha...oh such fun you will have!

Zahira said...

aw congrats :)
so cute!!!

qdee said...

hehe, thats awesome :)
hmm, need to tell a few preganant friends to surf as well - oh and my pregnant lecturer! then the essay will be extended.yay.

congrats! may you infiltrate the minds of young earthlings to come.lol

Muhammad said...

babies rock! :) At least the kid has the chance to grow up with a substantial vocabulary. start teasingthe kids at school with real fervour :P

Hey... you have to think ahead!

The K-man said...

hey mashallah on the baba, Babies rock hey very cute.

Priya said...

i shall keep mum on the topic. :)

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

:) congrats to the mummy and daddy. hope its a lekker chubby scamp guy with mischief written all over his face .. and soon he'd be running around the house with his little fireman hat spraying water everywhere.....

FU said...

i mentioned u in my blog. :)

KerBear said...

congrats and all the best to mum and dad on their little bundle of joy. Ahoy sleepless nights!

Ruby :) said...

congrats, babies can bring joy, and are a blessing esp. at trying times... they adorable!!

taqdeer said...

Congrats to the newly blessed parents :)

May the baby turn their world into a garden, ameen :)

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