Monday, May 28, 2007

I don't know who she is but damn she cut up that cello

J and Josie Field @ Catz in Melville - Just the right order of strings and words. That Josie; decent originals and the best cover I've heard of System Of A Down's Toxicity.
J kept flicking the fringe out of his right eye but Down Again and his interpretations of Wicked Game, Uninvited and Paint It Black were worthy.
But seriously, who was the girl on the cello? I've never seen that instrument TAKEN like that. Made me all flushed and breathy.

Fracture - Hopkins again. All mindfuck and watery-blue eyes. Despite the typecast, it made for acceptable viewing. Gosling is endearing in this one.


SingleGuy said...

you really are a rock chick aren't you?

Fatima said...

Aah Catz - my fave uni hangout from them days :)
3am pizza's :)

Wicked Game is one of my fave songs.. *sigh*

Zahira said...

lol i was taking there but was never indulged damnit damnit damnit

nuraan said...

nice, paint it black is one of my favourite songs :)

nuraan said...

oh yeh wait, forgot to ask, have u heard vanessa carlton's version of it? she has a stunning voice:)

Muhammad said...

Toxicity on a cello? oh my fuck. I miss JHB. somebody get me a job.

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