Sunday, May 20, 2007

Those singular moments of plural possibility...* **

...sometimes visit upon us when we're at our most unreceptive.

We shall refer to him as Significant-Geek or sg33k for brevity. This is what I call him when I'm trying to be cute or ironic. That or "Hey Pumpkin, you're Smashing!" Which is as emo as we get.

Sg33k's an interesting fella. Incredibly talented and hard-working, he's so focused it makes me sick. Because I'm as batty and scatter-thunk as they come. If I had a second's worth of his drive, I'd be on book four and a half.

Sg33k's also a challenge (not challenged. Although when he laughs sometimes, he has that special person look...) And I know that when he reads over that, he's going to say "bleh". That's just the kind of guy he is. A guy who says "bleh" a lot. And a guy who reads blogs. Sometimes this blog. That's kinda how we met. But I won't go into that. He's not into mush and sentiment, but he did get me my very own domain to which I gush, "You had me at www...".

So as I was saying...
singular moments blah blah
...sometimes visit upon us when we're at our most unreceptive.

'Quite smoking dammit', 'Get off facebook', 'You know, he just may be the One'; those missives hit you like hailstones in the highveld, chipping and denting, indelibly.

It only takes that moment for volumes within you to displace in eureka-fashion, sans, we hope, the running through the streets of Syracuse naked.

I've just had that moment.

And it's terrifying. Because even though the possibilities are vast and unmeasurable, it's like continental drift. The pieces can go anywhere, but back.

And now I've gone and blogged it.

There's no such thing as The One. But there is The One you choose.

And yeah, I guess I've chosen.


*alternative post title "the yin, the yang, and everything after" -credits to Bobby Dentist.
**oops... didn't mean to disable comments...


Muhammad said...

th3 0n3 y0u ch00s3. w0rd.

But then again... which red-blooded guy would start off by liking any girl for her brains and personality?

Especially if they didnt meet on IRC/FaceBook/Blogger's comment section?

I don't sanction this movement. Mostly perverted kids, and perverted 20years olds who haven't grown up. I fear our generation is running head first into a brick wall of reality. Once they get married... all that shit's coming to a head.

Angel's get no maps. Everyone's caught up in singular moments, nobody's looking for tomorrow.


Fatima said...

That's the sweetest love letter I've read. I hope sg33k prints it and plasters it all over his bedroom wall!!!!! :D

"There's no such thing as The One. But there is The One you choose."

That's the line that stuck out at me the most (with my own issues in this crazy time)

Sg33k brings out the g33k-lover in yes...I am happy for you :) (Since I'm for the n3rd$ and g33ks out there!)

SingleGuy said...

You do know that there are going to be so many broken geek hearts out there...

FU said...

such a wicked post..

u have again made me smitten with your writing.

i hope sg33k doesn't track me down and kill me.

Priya said...

thats beautiful saal...may we all choose the one thats best for us. oh and see you saturday.

mazozo said...

Ah good stuff very profound.In ur own way ;) lol take care

Ta^KiLLa said...

The One..

There is no such thing as The One.. This is a red blooded male speaking.. More like The Sixth..

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