Friday, June 22, 2007

capsule mthatha (a really little pill)

O.R Tambo International Airport - 6.15am.
Take-off for Mthatha in a Jetstream 4100, one of those R/C looking propeller planes.
(Blah photograph but I do like the Munsch-colours. We all begin in blood.)

The tallest building in town.

Mthatha -
smells like: damp wood.
tastes like: sweet veld grass.
sounds like: unhurried deliberation.
feels like: the place you would go, to listen to the wind.


Fatima said...

seems a bit like my plaas!

Insipid said...

by far one of the nicest des I have heard of XA ever.Personally I hate it.Too much having to look over my shoulder.

freelance hero said...

LOL i remember u telling me u going havent eaten spagetti for a long time eh. so busy poking

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