Thursday, January 10, 2008

Party like it's 1429

You bought a pack of cigarettes on January 2, took one look at the treadmill queue on January 3 and haven't returned to gym since, you thought negative thoughts, you coveted your neighbour's wife, you ate carbs after 7pm for the last four days, you blogcrastinated on company time, you still haven't smsed/emailed your best friend from high school, you're still on facebook and just added your 256th food fight application, you're not reading more or eating less, you still fall asleep in front of the TV and wake up after four snooze cycles, you're not any more self-actualised than you were on December 31st last year.

But hey, yesterday (or today, so much for ummah unity) marks (-ed) the first day of the Islamic new year 1429. Resolution re-run.

And if you still stuff up, there's Chinese new year on February 7, Hola Mohalla on March 14, Nowruz around March 20, Bahá'í new year on March 21, Balinese new year on March 30, Assyrian new year on April 1, Punjabi new year on April 13, Thai, Nepali, Bengali, Tamil and Cambodian new year around mid-April, Rosh Hashanah after sunset on October 29 and Gujarati new year on October 29.

Here's to personal progress.


ZK said...

mmm do i hear a new resolution coming on ????
I can vouch for your previous short failure hehehehehe
mmm set the alarms ;)

bb_aisha said...

i'll stick to my resolution of not making resolutions:-)

Fatima said...


i didn't make any resolutions.
forgot about them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey hun! Funny post lol im SO looking forward to this yr coz im getting married!! Just like u! :-) all the best Saals.

Anonymous said...

Oh and hey are u still gonna blog after u tied the knot? Curious to know! Tata

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

Post-wed: Will continue to write to keep the rust at bay:)

Prixie said...

happy new year...again ;p

diwali is on october 28 and the gujarati new year on oct 29.

M Junaid said...

mj doesnt do the whole resolution thing - i have people pointing out my faults on a regular basis

word verification - ohbtchh

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

I fixed it Pri:)

Prixie said...

thanks slag...sorry to be anal ;p

Ta^KiLLa said...

Snooze.. aah yes.. The 2nd best button created by man..Only thing better is the x button on a PS3..

resolution wise - get married.. seems like the trend for 2008 :)


Waseem said...

Apparently April Fools day was created cos that was when New Year was celebrated, so when the change happened, people who didnt remember/ didnt know of the change were made a fool of.

Just some useless info for you (which i would bet you already knew). How does it relate to your post? I think there is a slight hidden connotation.

Muhammad said...

so umm.. happy new year (pick one)... till next time :P

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