Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Meals On Speed Slam Jam Challenge

This is how it works:
  1. Go to (Bear with me on the design flaws - I'm still in the tweaking process.)
  2. Click on the Slam Jam Challenge page.
  3. Leave in the comments section, a suggestion for a cooking challenge. (Each challenge is a list of ingredients you'd like to see included in a dish.)
  4. The ingredient combinations can be as varied or as odd as you like. (If you're a regular MealsOnSpeed reader, you'll know I'm not averse to combining paw paw with pepper or tang juice powder with mascarpone.)
  5. My restrictions are that I will not use pork, carnivores or cook with alcohol. Please keep ingredient suggestions to items that are not too obscure or out of season.
  6. Each week I will choose or, you will poll for, the suggestion challenge (I still have to decide). I will then proceed to cook/braise/broil/fry/roast/sauté/massacre/pummel/etc until the ingredients choose to collude to become something edible.
  7. I will blog the result.
  8. A new challenge will be chosen each week.

Photo Credit: Steve Woods

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