Monday, September 08, 2008

"Be water, my friend" and current addictions

Ramadaan and fasting has me as placid and calm as an undisturbed forest pool,  and I am more inclined to do what is asked of me. 

Like Bruce Lee, my way is of water.

So while I don't usually respond to tags as a full blog post, I will do this for Fatima because not only am I roza-compliant, but she is almost-family and gave me a really awesome serving bowl as a wedding present.

My five current addictions are as follows:
  1. Fennel. The seeds, the sprigs, ground up or whole. I will add it to any dish I can get away with.
  2. Google reader. How could I have not latched on to this sooner!? Shame on me.
  3. Twitter. I'm following some of South Africa's brightest people and some brilliant buitelanders.
  4. Woolworths Taste Magazine
  5. Making coffee popsicles. See here for directions. Add a bit of elachi (cardamom) for that lekker extra.
--note-- Killa's gone and tagged me as well. Even though I didn't get a discount on the jellies I bought from their shop, he's family too (the tentacles of the charo-connections* extend into the blogosphere)

I will not tag anyone specifically. If you care to play along, leave your list in the comments section.

*aka "haga kareh" in the guji vernac, "my granny's your grandpa's cousin", "my aunty's married to your brother-in-law's sister" and on and on until you discover you've gone and married someone whose forebearers worked in the same village rice keti as your great-great-grand-dada's.


ZK said...

hehehe yes how could you not have known about google reader
shame on you :)
you must turn the coffee pops into sarbat ones :) my gran use to make for us the water and milk pops for summer in dbn :)

KiLLa said...

Ha Ha..

Discounts are a sentence away..
Ask the chinese..

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

@zk:I had the account set up, but never bothered to add people to it, thinking it was a hassle:) It was only when i was visiting blogs just to check out their rss sidebar widgets, did I figure I was being really stupid.

I think the sarbat pops are a granny's mainstay, mine would do the same, freezing them in ice-cube trays and handing them out to me and the neighbour's kids.
Viva nanis (and dadis) viva.

@Killa: I'll be in your hood for Eid shopping then.

Fatima said...

haga haga :D

thanks for the coffee popsicle recipe :D this will come handy during summer! :D

i remember making the sarbat ones as a kid and putting it in a huge tupperware and hiding away from my cousins in the garden so i could be a greedy thing and eat it by myself :)

love the childhood memory! :D

Mandy de Waal said...

Your writing... it is completely sublime.

Anonymous said...

Salaams Saaleha, seen you on the new Saffron Channel...WoW...Please do a post about it would be cool to hear all about it

expensivemistakescheapthrills said...

coffee popsicles? i think i'm going to barf.

i did this tag too -

Mohamed Karolia said...

I could have sworn I just saw someone familiar on saffron tv...hmmmmm who could it be

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

oh yes, as for SaffronTalk - I did it as a favour for a friend who's a producer on the show. Didn't want to make too big a deal out of it:) It was lots of fun to do though. I hope it wasn't too cringeworthy, even though it was on loop for that entire week, I still haven't actually seen it.

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