Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventure storyboard

What's your story?

The inkblots were sourced via a google image search.


Parasputin said...

1. "Have you seen my new coat?", the first little piggy said. "It has a T on the back."
2. "There, I'll just take it off, and turn around."
3. "Hello little piggy!" said the big bad wolf.

Aasia said...

1. he's just a boy
2. she's just a girl
(can i make it any more obvious)
4. Pig

are 3 and 4 adjectives to 1 and 2 respectively?

bb_aisha said...

1.two people doing headstands

2.good hairstyle gone bad-beauty in front of mirror madness

3.whirling dervishes

4.two old ladies puffing (in)elegantly on thin cigarettes

Khadija said...

1. Teetering on the edge of reason.
2. A forced reconcilliation.
3. Holding hands at a murder scene.
4. Sibling Rivalry: When we were kids, Mum sometimes dressed us alike. People always said HE was a 'handsome young man'. And the hand me downs, I was always in his clothes. Unworthy of his clothes.

Azra said...

1. A Chicken with webbed feet
2. A Roman Emperor in a boxing match.
3. Two flamboyant people dancing.
4. Two poodles kissing and making up :)

KiLLa said...

Feels like im in rehab all over again..

But here goes..

P.S. Label the blots.. Who decides which is nr 1-4.. Just a thought..

Will start from the right

TOP RIGHT - 2 boxers after the normal rules speech by the ref..having a touch up

TOP LEFT - A dudes head getting splatterd by a sniper shot.. See the blood oozing... Well do u

BOTTOM RIGHT - 2 persian sheiks (turban and all)sitting back to back, smoking on their pipes.. Sitting on bar stools..

BOTTOM LEFT - 2 witches holding onto SATAN's son and taking him 'away'.. not witches.. more like the dark druids.. soothsayers.. ppl from the dark side..

SheBee said...

Left to right:

1. a frog.
2. a chic wearing a beanie and ear muffs on a bmx bike
3. a bat on its back with prestic stuck to it
4. a grumpy, frowning man.

You gonna read our heads now?

PS: Hi! This is me de-lurking :)

Waseem said...

Mary(pic top left) had a little lamb

whose fleece was black and white (pic top right)

She used the skin to make a coat (pic bottom left)

and with the wool she made a kite (pic bottom right)


Pic 1
Your name is Mary

If you have a lamb turn to pic 2
If you own a red riding hood turn to pic 3
If you own a garden turn to pic 4

Pic 2

you had a little lamb, went to school with you. The End.

Pic 3

Wolf ate your granny. The End.

Pic 4
Your garden has pretty maids in a row. The End.

KiLLa said...

Time to redo - Didnt read the title..

Here goes..

BOTTOM RIGHT - Its a duel.. 2 men.. Back to back.. About to start their 10 paces and lock and load.. All for the damn GOOSE's hand in marriage

TOP RIGHT - Flashbacks of their previous bar fight still lingered in their head as they began to pace the 10 steps..

TOP LEFT - The 10 paces ended with an abrupt gunshot which left one of the men with a splattered head..

BOTTOM LEFT - The dead man's body was taken away by the town's 2 undertakers..

Nafisa said...

Clockwise top left:
1 - A wolf standing on his hind legs over bags of hay, while swinging two chickens in his hands..their feathers can be seen flying about.
2 - Two fairies shaking hands (centre) and two witches sharing gossip (below)
3 - Two poodles enjoying some tongue action
4 - A bat being held hostage by two other bad ass bats (dont ask)

Irfaan said...

1. inkblot
2. inkblot
3. inkblot
4. inkblot

You guys are all crazy too see anything else, they all inkblots.

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