Thursday, November 24, 2005

I <3 Stuff

November 25 is Buy Nothing Day.

But i'm not promising anything.

I've chanted the slogans, stuck the stickers, signed up for the newsletters...but i harbour a dirty, nasty, little secret.

I'm a materialist. And a hedonistic one at that

*quick comrades, douse her with an environmentally-friendly alternative renewable fuel source, and recycle her*

I love Stuff. Stuff makes me happy. Stuff fulfils me. I lay oblations at the altar of Stuff. Stuff is what rips me awake before the sun has even brushed it's teeth, and steels me to face the Schlep of Formal Employment. Stuff is honest. You buy it and it's yours, for as long as you want it. Stuff doesn't tell you that it's confused. Stuff doesn't have issues. When Stuff malfunctions, you fix it or you discard it, guilt free. And if you experience a breakdown in communication with Stuff, you don't have to 'talk about it', you just go out and buy an upgrade.

So I'm a mindless consumer. So what?

Four billion happy shoppers can't be wrong.


Muhammad said...

Mindless Consumer? Aren't We All. I tried Buy Nothing Day Last year and ended up buying a Comfy Big Blue Couch... so that Idea went out the window... but then again, 25th is the US Buy Nothing Day, and 26th is the UK Buy Nothing Day... so at least we have a choice. We don't have too many rich ppl in SA to warrant the amount of attention, if ppl don't buy anything here, they'll probably starve.

Anyway... shop away Shopaholic!.


brainhell said...

I think Stuff likes you too.

tc said...

It's the 'mindless' bit..

Nas said...

I'm not much of a materialist myself, I dream about being one someday. I think it helps if you're broke most of the time

Squashed Rolo said...

Praise be to Stuff! At least it's us who dump Stuff. Yep, we can tell Stuff to simply stuff it. I think it's a power thing.
And if you think you're bad, I'm a Taurus: Hedonism is one of my main charcteristics. Ooh, have you seen the Christmas catalogues? :-)

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