Saturday, December 31, 2005

Anti-resolutions 2006

  1. Start smoking seriously.
  2. Gain 10 kilograms.
  3. Snarl at strangers.
  4. Exercise infrequently.
  5. Be less motivated at work.
  6. Watch more Tv.
  7. Commit random acts of unkindness.


Nas said...

lool now there's a new take on old failed concepts

i like!

happy new year saaleha


brainhell said...

You're an inspiartion!

Muhammad said...

Nice Try Saaleha, I'd like to see you break those!

you think new years resolutions are just an excuse for us to commit more excessive consumption and fall prey to Shaytaan's whispers that is just, oh so tempting...

That being said, My anti resolution would be to east as much as I can... I hope this works!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Saaleha! A perfect way to start the year and in a month's time you will not be standing in front of that full length mirror (aka ENEMY NO. 1, size 4 sissy boy pants=ENEMY NO.2 and so on) scolding yourself for putting on 5 kgs!


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