Thursday, December 01, 2005

braking point

And in yesterday's news:

A man holds a Department of Home Affairs official hostage with a toy gun. The 21-year-old had been waiting for two years to get his official ID. On Wednesday, his frustration reaches losing-marbles-point, he hurricanes into the offices, grabs the supervisor, and barricades himself with her in an office for six hours. Click here for the whole saga.

I would give this guy a kidney if he needed it. Hell, even if he doesn't, he can keep it in a pickle jar in his tv-cabinet. I relate to you, brother. While your ordeal of waiting for two years bears nil comparison to my lousy two months waiting for a drivers license test date, I stand with you comrade.

It's only a matter of time before those phone-jockeys down at the Randfontein testing station get a nice war-story of their very own.

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Muhammad said...

Haha! Solidarity indeed, long queues and lots of people pissed off and you standing there at the end with a bunch of papers who, the teller finally tells you after two hours, are the wrong forms to be filled... "You needed to fill out the green forms, not the pink ones!"

at this point I'm about to scream " JOU MA SE...." before Irealise my manners and patience sets in... sometimes its just not a virtue.



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