Thursday, January 05, 2006

blogging at a cellular level

Lorem Ipsum and the quick brown fox. A
tale of betrayal at its most base denomination and a love that
conquers not.


saaleha said...

totally random eruption used as test copy for my mobile blogging exercise. still trying to figure out how to enter paragraph returns on my cellphone. any sparkies out there with answers?

Muhammad said...

Nice one... I was actually trying to figure that out myself, I think you hold down the Star or the Hash key.

Try that. otherwise... get a more expensive cell phone?


saaleha said...

* gives me spaces and # toggles uppercase/lowercase/numbers/symbols. I get an upgrade in a coupla months. Will bling it up real good then.

Muhammad said...

Its in the symbols section... look for the little symbol which looks like the "Enter" Key.. and there you go!

Peace! (I just love that word and its connotations)

Happy Cellular Blogging!


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