Friday, January 06, 2006

On company time... (2)

Sometimes humour of the lavatorial persuasian can get pretty damned hilarious without the addition of something narcotic: like this blonde joke. I'm no great fan of the genre, but this one's worth an honourable mention.

While I'm on the 7:30am shuttle to irreverence, this would make a good stop.


Muhammad said...

That's some funny Sh#t. :P

btw.. click on the "Free The P" thing I put in your shoutbox, you might find it interesting... if you're into Hip-hop that is... but click it anyway,

basically its a group of hip-hop artists worldwide who came together for Palestine.

It's Lekker.



saaleha said...

i've come across slingshot hip hop before, very kewl. there's a group called Dam, which i quite like.

brainhell said...

After your link turned up a link, I thought I knew the joke. But just to make sure, I clicked two more links.


Aaliya said...

I'm confused what is the joke?


transience said...

LOL! plugging and praying is risky business. i wonder if it's a lucrative one?

cheesemeister said...

All right--you and your voices are quite possibly insane, and you mention the word "cheese" in your profile. I feel the need to provide a link to your blog from my immensely popular and enlightening blog!
I found you because of the Black Iris blog. And I am starting my own Holy War.
The only requirement for converting to my religion is a love of cheese!
the One True Cheesemeister

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?