Friday, January 20, 2006


Signed up recently with

Similar to mobile picture blogging; expect flabby torsos, dodgy lighting, random body parts, celebrations of vanity, and lotsa lotsa camwhoring. In short, good wholesome fun for the whole family.


A few gems courtesy of the fotochatter comment function -

exchange of hot pics? (er... judging from your one; not much of a fair exchange, is it?)
Hi sweety..i am fabio from rome..i am M! U CAN SEE MYFOTO,HERE I AM RASTA.. (here i M, i r UNEXCITED)
hello,how are you,do you wanna friendship (i wanna, i wanna, i wanna zigazigah)



brainhell said...

I am beginning to think that all electronics in the hands of young people are immoral.

Rex Venom said...

So much fun! How can one person manage?
Rock on!

saaleha said...

brainhell- if by young people you mean 25+, then yes, i concur.

Rex- lol. i'm rocking, dude, i'm rocking.

Muhammad said...

Very interesting... your thumb must be sore by now, you WAP Fiend...



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