Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Maybe not THE BIG ONE

I was at the Wits Business School in Parktown when I felt the ground trick my feet.

Tremor shakes Joburg
January 24 2006 at 12:34PM

A seismic event measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale shook Johannesburg on Tuesday morning, the Council for Geosciences said."It measured
3.6 in magnitude around the East Rand Gold Mining area," geotechnologist Ian Saunders told Sapa.It also measured 2km in depth when it started at 11.13am, he said."It's definitely not serious but it's a large event for that area," he said.He could not say what the cause of the seismic event was.

DRDGold spokesperson Ilja Graulich said, "We haven't got any reports yet of any incidents on our mines."Willie Jacobsz of Goldfields said that it had not affected any of the company's West Rand operations.

- Sapa


brainhell said...

Blogging about an earthquake is like blogging about a house fly. You want real earthquakes, come live with us for a year. You got a French maid costume? ;-)

saaleha said...

true, i am slacking :)
i prefer to do housework in a gimp costume.

Muhammad said...

ummm... this blog post was about an earthquake wasn't it?

and now gimp costumes and french maid thingymajigs.

A true revolutionary. Word.

Dunno what I'm saying.. I'll go get more coffee.

Have fun..


Cocaine Jesus said...

ANY form of earthquake would frighten you shitless when you live in London.
sounds damn scary to me.

brainhell said...

Don't laugh, but I had to look up 'gimp'


And with all due humility, mistress, I think you deserve to be the dominatrix. I'll be the gimp.

J. Sadik said...

wow sounds exciting. try 7.6 in kashmir.

saaleha said...

sarcasm duly noted J.Sadik.

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?