Thursday, January 12, 2006

Passenger 22's swansong?

Drivers License Test Date : February 06, 2006
Pray for me, from wicca to watchtower, I'm not picky about the channels you use.


outofctrl said...

Best of luck!

Muhammad said...

I hate to be sarcastic (actually I don't), but "Watch out everyone! there's another Female Driver on the roads!"

*runs and hides to avoid getting smacked upside the head*

Just Kidding.

Hope you nail it.


realist said...

I'm sure you'll do great - All the best!

saaleha said...

thanks guys :)

samira said...

all the best!
(samoosa's always help :) jj)
remember to do that 3 point check-i still don't understand the point of it.

Safeeyah said...

Aslm, howzit going? Getting closer to that D-Day hey? Don stress, afterall you cant be as bad as me. My instructor freaked out the other day coz i just blanked...Nyway, he crapped on me for NOT THINKING? What does he mean? Like really with all those checks and his constant babbling, and all those other cars, how muh more thinking could I actually do;)

Like I was saying, it can't really be as bad as hang in there, you've got what it takes...


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