Monday, January 09, 2006

The return to mIRC

I was 18 f jhb
I remember it well. A bronze age.

It's now 22 f jhb - the asl not spared the verdigris.
But the freaks are enduring. It's almost comforting to know that some things in life are loyal, constant and invariable. Like AGEING, TAXES and DEATH; offers to cybersex will always be certain.


brainhell said...

I think jhb stands for Johannesburg. I somehow suspect that you have not listed the entire offer each gave you. But they seem like nice girls, so I encourage you to do them. I'm not even sure what an offer for cybersex is, but I pay taxes, so why don't I get any?

saaleha said...

apologies brain, my post wasn't very clear, i've since given it surgery. I meant those to be my own asl's.

marianna qi said...

I enjoy your writing. it feels almost a shadow of my own. but not as cold :-)

brainhell said...

You're the only person on the net who makes me feel like a hopelessly out of date old fart. I still don't get it. Don't bother -- it would be like explaining a cell phone to a chimp.

Nazneen said...

Back in the days, I was "17 f city of the dead". That was me at 13. Notice that the new crop of chatters are not afraid of broadcasting how young thay are? They embrace their juvenescence in a way we never could...

Muhammad said...

I still the remember the cheesy, 18/yes please/ anywhere responses.

nowadays I go on just to see what people are talking about... The waste of time is an intolerable irritation.


BlogMad HelpDesk said...

54/male/Potchefstroom works for me!
It keeps the freaks at bay

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