Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On VD and other things

-- I've never been given good stuff on Valentine's Day. In fact, I've never been given much of anything for this "immoral commercial event spawned from the dark recesses of the capitalistic monster" (verbatim from one of the few text messages I was sent this morning).
What I do remember receiving, however, has invariably been red, fluffy and useless. "Dip-chirr" to transliterate from the guji vernacular, disposable symbolics.

Now, though I may be in need of a hug, I'm not going to play at the bitter, acerbic single who uses a blog as a platform to get all anti-Valentine on your ass. I don't really care much about one little day out of a whole lot of other sometimes bigger days.

-- http://www.lonelyfinger.com/
I've always had a softspot for Marvin-from-THGTTG types, so even though I knew that I'd been suckered by a really sharp marketing strategy, I signed up to receive Lonely's weekly thought anyway.

Dear Friend

Apparently cupid has an arrow for everyone.
But I think he hit my valentine in the head because I still haven't even received so much as a phone call.
In fact, not even those people that make you SMS "POEM" and your initials to a number have replied to me.

Valentine's day is just another excuse for everyone to ignore me.

-- Maybe our Minister Pandor could take a leaf out of his book.
-- The soundtrack to today's scene, Damien Rice's O.


Zephra said...

I would like to comment but damn...you are way to smart for me.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

saaleha said...

i'm not smart, just big-worded.
its a pleasure, i'll pop by again.

zee said...

As always saaleha a very entertaining read. loved the lonely quote - i just love things like that! :)

Mr Anon said...

zee wasnt kidding... you are definitely pulitzer prize material.


TOTAL said...

Hey kool blog,keep it up.

'ka said...

well... still... happy v-day, girl.. :)

x~nezitiC said...

That's funny, Lonely-finger reminds me of myself, I laughed when I see it, I spend times like him sometime. Sometime Valentine's makes u feel how lonely the world is, or sometime feel like Nobody likes you.

Bilal said...

Hmm, i really hate valentines! Shucks, i hate everything from them capitalists;p

craig said...

Damien Rice ... album was lodged in my car's CD player for weeks .. loved but have killed it now.. has been replaced by Staind's new album. Amee has to be one of the best songs ever written, and Cheers Darlin' grew on me to become one of my favs.

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