Friday, March 03, 2006

coming out of the closet

Superman's got nothing on Vernon, the IT guy.
Check shirted, khaki clad, sensible shoed; this saviour of our troubled time flew into our new offices, commandeered the nearest keyboard, and fingers tapping faster than the speed of light, sound, and Chuck Norris combined, proceeded to network with an alarming yet thrilling alacrity. And for his final show of heroic hero-ness, Vernon of IT, gave us....oohs...aahs....a working adsl connection! Oh Vernon...swoon....

And yeah, that pretty much proves what I've known all along, but was just too afraid to acknowledge and embrace; I AM A GEEK. 24 hours without direct internet access, and I was two clicks away from convulsions and unladylike foaming at the mouth. But here I am, online and pacified...back in the womb, afloat in foetal fluid. (metaphors people, no ickiness or Matrix allusion intended)


Muhammad said...

Vernon the IT guy was checking you out. but you had adsl and didn't notice :P

Z said...

okay saleha i am sitting in nigeria and my only entertainment indoors is this blog - so well done - Vernon definitely seems like the man! i tend to agree with muhammad - Vernon the IT Hero was definitely checking you out! -Zakiya Serguro

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