Friday, March 03, 2006

do you mosh?

Metallica, Collective Soul, Seether, Simple Plan, The Rasmus, FatboySlim, Finkelsteins, Parlotones, Prime Circle, Flat Stanley, Sitter, State Far Better, spoonfeedas, Karen Zoid, Arno Carstens.

12 hours, 2 stages.

18 March, Supersport Park, Centurion.

The cheap tickets are R395.

Who's coming along? (and don't give me that crap about Swan Lake being on at the same time.)


rafiq said...

Like the new skin & picture :)

brainhell said...

Let's put the young people back in prison where they belong!

'ka said...

completely new layout huh? :)

x~nezitiC said...

I have been to Metallica's Concert, and I learned not to go again.

Muhammad said...

Practice your dodging abilities first. Moshing is a dangerous game... I got a few broken ribs to prove it :P


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