Thursday, April 06, 2006

that case in stupidity

(outside pharmacy, Dunkeld West Centre, Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg)

The Zuma rape trial continues, and every day we are treated to more delightful bouche├Ęs of information. If it wasn't enough for us to hear that a woman wearing a knee-length skirt is giving out strong sexual signals, Mr Zuma presents groundbreaking research in court stating that he showered after intercourse to minimise his risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Sheesh man, we've been having all these manic debates about ARVs vs beetroots and potatoes, when all the people really needed to know was that a good suds and scrub would sort them out sommer shup*.

Before being sacked as deputy president last year, Mr Zuma headed the
government's National Aids Council and the Moral Regeneration Campaign.

*souf efrican for "effectively"


Muhammad said...

I was gonna blog about this, but was too disgusted about the whole thing.

Zuma's case ios turning the newspapers into pornographic literature.. can you imagine fragile little minds learning through TV and radio broadcasts about Raping and short skirts with sex signals... like the skirts come embroidered with little lights saying "Sex Here! Come and get It"...

okay thats enough... I'll go throw up now.


Jammy said...

Hw someone can be so narrow minded and frankly stupid is unbelievable. Being so far away in the uk stories like these rarely reach our shores, its sickening and horribly perverse that anyone could even think in such a way. keep us updated on this story, want to observe if justice is adequately served.

tke cre.

N said...

he may sound stupid, he probably is stupid to say that in public but fact of the matter is the average african guy has the same mindset.

How many articles we'v read about babys being raped cos thats a cure for aids. As much as they punt the aids adverts and "LoveLife" campaigns, nothings gonna change until the african elders need to realise that Aids is a real life disease and not a state of mind.The Gov needs a major elders change their mindset. They shakeup and crash course in general knowledge.

That said, Zuma is a twat, but the bigger twats are those schmucks who camp outside the courts picketting support for him. Dont they have jobs?

Bilal said...

i agree, this is all disgusting and makes me a tad embarassed to be an african! yes, we are all AFRICAN and we are just as responsible for trying to come up with better solutions to all the problems our people face...

Dar said...

Nice ad though , we hadnt learn that in college yet !

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