Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The ties that bind part 4

Crazy x about to embark on the trek to holiest of matrimony: who'da thunk? Amid all the homo sapiens searching to co-habit, he pulls it off with shockwaves and aplomb. News of this led to a friend asking how I felt about losing my back-up. Whoah... I backed up. I had never seen crazy x in that capacity. Back-up? Even if i was close to knocking 85, and it was very clear to me that I would in fact die a virgin, I would not consider such a thing. Now don't misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with the subject x, albeit the obvious and neither am I declaring that I am too good for him and his delightful psychoses.
It was just this concept of a 'back-up' that caused massive internal tectonic upheaval.
If it happens that in your lifes travail, the Search for Mate proves unfruitful, would you settle on an understudy?
And would you settle, period?
Lets do a little visualisation exercise; imagine yourself standing in front of a tranquil lake. Now take all the thoughts running through your mind and imagine them turning into little pebbles. Throw all of these pebbles into the lake until you're left with nothing. Your mind is empty, a tabula rasa.
Now visualise a significant other whispering to you in the dulcet tones that go along with these misty settings, along with the mandatory sunset and the theme from Mohabbatein as soundtrack. Significant other tells you that they want to share a life with you. Said significant also elaborates on how you weren't their first choice, that you don't really fit into what they had envisioned their life partner profile to be, but that you'll do anyway. Said significant takes your hand with a smile and you both walk along the gently lapping wavelets of the lakeshore that's suddenly developed the stench of mutant fish and algae. Not so lekker neh?*
So if I can't even stomach the thought of being served this, why would I even consider dishing it out to another?
"Backups' ...tsk tsk.

*Souf Efrican for 'not very nice'


Muhammad said...

Backups are a bad case to handle. I would say... Search for the one and the minute you're the least bit sure. Take the leap.

You do not want to be wandering around the lake forever... sooner or later you're gonna want to jump in and drown.

You don't take a chance, even if sometimes it may be a bad one... you grow from it and move on.

Do not be afraid of change or chance.

Take it in your stride and take it knowing who you are.

Backups? We dont need no Steenkin Backups.


Bilal said...

S- Hehe:)
M- Lifes to short to make stupid (/wrong) choices! Dont do anything you can live to regret;p I agree on the 'no backups' but dont rush into anything...

brainhell said...

You are no one's backup. You are casing quivering sighs for light years in all directions.

brotherhood said...

salaam :D

No.47 said...

as if we needed more proof that he was crazy. You are brilliant sweet. Keep up the writing. One day I will overtake you...

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