Friday, May 19, 2006

no, the bugger isn't dead.

'Coz apparently some people give a fuck about this kinda stuff : let it be known, Shah Rukh Khan is still amongst the living.

"News" of his death spread virally through the medium of the 'forwarded email', causing wide-spread anxiety and great alarm. Countless women in office blocks the country over donned mourning mantles and proceeded to name their godchildren Shah Rukh/Rahul as a tribute to the fallen bollywood icon. A sense of utter bereftness cast its pall, for no longer would that devillish smiled and floppy-fringed goofball run on powder-snowed slopes in his that-is-so-hot-ya-Polo muscle-tee with arms outstretched in gayful glee lipsyncing to "aaahhhh...ah hah hah ah hah hah....".

Fortunately, News24 tracked down the perpetrator of the cruel, cruel hoax; one Aman Singh, before any distraught fans could commit suicide by arad-poisoning while clutching their Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/K3G special edition dual-dvds.


Jammy said...

Oh my god! the man is stil alive? Jus wnt people 2 knw i didn't spend the whole weekend watching shah rukh khan movies as a tribute to the man. Also that life size cutout of him i bought has been sent back. Damn emails, il nvr believe in fowarded messages again(",)

brainhell said...

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

No.47 said...

oh keep it up bam bam...
laughed my arse off which is becoming sizeable

Muhammad said...

dont front you closet bollywood lover :P I know you harbour secret affections for heretic roshan and the clan.



zee said...

ok, i never got that email...but den again i may have deleted it treating it like junk mail!!!!

But honestly after doing some 'research' on the topic and now realising how big a thing this email hoax was, i felt the need to care a little about this whole epic incident.

Honestly though, i'm finding it really dificult to care 4 it either way :)

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