Friday, June 23, 2006

One Fine Friday ... a rah rah rant rant

I downloaded an article entitled "How to stop Procrastinating". Haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

Deadlines loom with malevolent menace (oooh, alliteration). If anyone whispers 'wordcount' to me, i'm going to bash them on the head with the external dvd-writer and make them drink yesterday's rancid coffee.

Wish I had a vice to seek solace in. Thinking about going to the smoking-room to stand around and breathe in the 4pm cloud.

Or i'll inject some mochaccino intravenously instead.

Happy Weekending.


Muhammad said...

tsk tsk... to think you could've summarised all that into "Work Sucks. I wanna go home."

Anonymous said...

I think we're both having a crap day today.
1. Got into an accident on the way too work. Idiotic taxi's.
2. Today was a meeting with the almost-head-honcho.
Let's say, "cruelty" was unleashed upon an unfortunate teammate of mine
Thinking about it pisses me off. Breathe.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD for chocolate cake.
Call it divine intervention if you will, but I love my aunty for sending me with goodies to work today :)

Bilal said...

work sucks. i wanna go home

zee said...

nice post;)

really enjoyed it

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