Tuesday, July 04, 2006

grahamstown 2006

If SAA keeps it's promises, the Munshi's and I will be touching down in Port Elizabeth at 21.35 tonight.

And if i keep my promises, i will moblog the festival at saaleha.textamerica.com

Happy days constant readers.


Fatima said...

aah, hope you enjoy it doll :)

have fun :)
i'm looking forward to the pics!

Bilal said...

awesome! enjoy:)

zee said...

man, everybody is doing something interesting...well besides me that is :(

Have a super break

Isheeta said...

I just wanted to say hello!

Ive always come here and when I see no posts, I turn around.

Today, my eyes actually caught the text america link!

Your pics are unique, thats all I can say. None of those run-of-the-mill tourist pics!

Keep them rolling.. I think the pics say a thousand words.

I'm too lazy to comment there because apparently i have to sign up for a login name! So I'll do it here. I hope ure still having a wonderful time there!

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?