Monday, July 03, 2006

One fine day in Mzansi

Felix loses his wallet in a jozi taxi.
The sum of six-years, a crumb in The Greater Fruitcake but still, an accumulation of Existence in an authentic snake-skin foldover.
Money, important irreplaceable contacts, identification papers, consulate card, library card, access cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, medical card, student card (and so we live our lives defined by plastic).
Felix loses his wallet in a jozi taxi.
Of course, we all commiserated. It was a wallet lost in a Jozi Taxi, one would have better luck finding Patricia Lewis' Good Taste.
But the cosmos awarded us a corner (yes, yawn, i'm Soccered.)
Felix has his wallet returned.
Intact, and in order, not a single slide of embossed-plastic unaccounted for.

What a beautiful proudly souf-efrican moment.


Fatima said...

My brother in law lost his wallet on a farm in the Free State.
Couldn't find the dam thing.
This Felix loses his in JHB- in a TEXI and gets it returned.


Muhammad said...

word. I was told once by an English Tourist, that he doesn't know why SA has sucha bad rap... he dropped his wallet in CApe Town in a Shopping Center... and this dude ran up to him and said.. Sir!! you dropped your wallet... handed it to him an d disappeared.

I guess its good and bad eh ?


Fatima said...

Depends where you are and who is around you I suppose.

I think the sheep ate my bro-in-law's wallet as revenge for Qurbani.

queen_Lestat said...

OMG a link on the Miss Lewis!!! She's so ick it's not even funny, she's ick in a molestor moustache keeper,mullet maintainer,stove pipe "jean-pant" wearing way. And as for Amor, who thinks she and her dik-kop hubby are SA's answer to Posh and Becks... well quite frankly, as my dear no-nonsense charo-supremacist neighbour says "they need to show their 'jaat' "...

saaleha said...

It was a toss-up between soiling the post with the link and providing context for foreign readers. but perhaps ignorance is bliss:)

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?