Tuesday, August 08, 2006

E is for...

Tag, I'm it, again.
This time by Cerebral Yoga with the letter "E".
The rules are simple: Write 10 words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along."
Lookie me, I'm Big Bird on Sesame Street, only shorter, sans-feathers, less-beak and not as jaundiced. "Hi kids, lets talk about E... sunny days chasing the clouds away..." hmmm... now you tell me those guys weren't doing something dastardly with impressionable malleable young minds?

Electric Spaghetti - I've often been asked why this blog is titled so. But I'm not about to squash the creative, witty cyber-persona i've so meticulously architectured around myself... so onto number two....

Eclectic - my favourite word. Not as beautiful as 'cellardoor', but there's something charming about the way this word falls out my mouth; subtle t, the l and c soflty snapping together and apart like shirt press-studs come undone.

Espresso doppio - my one admitted vice.

Eva adore - ok, I cheated, it's really Ava Adore. But this is love baby, "In you I see dirty, In you I count stars ...". Thank you Billy.

Everybody loves - That's a universal truth.

Edinburgh - One of the places with a university where I'd consider doing my Masters in Creative Writing.

Ecstatic Fanatic - the original name for the V album by Live.

East - my origins

Elastic - inidicative of my resilience, you can stretch me bitch, but i snap right back.

Expression - my purpose.


I tag every blogger-buddy reading this, with the alphabet of their choice. You may blog your submission or leave it as a comment on this post.


zee said...

hmmmm, what about:

ebriection: mental breakdown from too much drinking

ecstasy:,a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion

erotology: erotic description in literature

ecdysiast: striptease performer

erotophobia: fear of sex

erotopathy: pathological sexual desire

engouement: an excessive infatuation

i_am_not_who_i_am said...

enigmatic - my middle name
email - my dialogue tool
earth - my humble abode
elan - my zest
echo - my alter ego
ember - my spirit within
elixir - my sins
eros - my sexual desire
exist - my life
everyone - i tag

Muhammad said...

eternity - encompassing everythingm yet grossly misunderstood.

Ruby :) said...

letters starting with 'E"
experiment- the life of a scientist
vitamin E - fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties.
enzymes- used in experiments
electron- negative charged on an atom
ER- endoplasmic reticulum (component in a plant/animal cell , newxt to the gogli)
elisa- enzyme-linked-immunoassay(test done for HIV)
engineer- people that one should avoid.
education- every child should receive
err- to err is human, to forgive-divine
erbium- element used in metallurgy and nuclear research & to color glass and porcelain.(Atomic number 68)
enjoy: Life !!!

-saf- said...

saals would you kindly visit STOLEN MOMENTS? :)

saaleha said...

hey guys, thanks for tagging along.
other kids who want to play: feel free to use any one of the other 25 alphabets:)

Fatima said...

i'm still thinking!!!!

realist said...

‘Ello ElEctric S.

Ecstatic that you finally EngagEd! lol

saaleha said...

lol realist.
i said i'd get around to it...eventually, the tagging i mean, not getting engaged, in case anyones wondering. I still haven't got any hits on my www.shaadi.com profile.

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