Monday, October 16, 2006

Sold... and the return to 43

Two out of 43 so far:

18. get a car – any car (tearing up tar in a Chevrolet Aveo hatch)

20. watch Live live in concert (may have to upgrade to Golden Circle, just been told that Floor Standing will shrink Ed and the boys.)

Additional works in progress:

15. get rid of all my clutter

16. develop my relationship with my Creator

19. stay committed to working out

23. do more volunteer and relief work

29. develop my sense of focus

35. maintain my friendships

40. stop using profanity


JL said...

Wow, could I be more out of touch?! i didn't even know Live are coming down i've got to go find good tickets.'s Robbie Williams ticket hunting PTSD all over again.
PS: may be safer to stand a little further away...i hear the reflections off Eddie's head can be damaging to the eyes.

Muhammad said...

Wow. good going Saal.

Two small steps in the right direction. Keep on Keepin' on!


zee said...

so the boys want to watch LIVE in durbs....sounds sooooo tempting:)

Z said...

re:number 40: *&%$ thats gunna be tough!

queen_Lestat said...

feck that reminds me...

M Junaid said...

arent we lucky its isnt Ramadan - well, guess you wasted your one wish.
are 15 and 35 linked?

cellardoor said...

profanity - yeah me 2

cheesemeister said...

I have always hoped that one day my creator will clean up my clutter.

CorpseKicker said...

I considered contemplating attempting to think about blogging about the Live concert, but all I could seem to get into words was how unexplainably unimaginably great it was. So I did anyway. All that stuff. It sucked. It was about 2 microsoft word pages saying nothing and taking way too long to say it. In fact it sounded like I was teasing the reader. "I went to Live and you didn't ahahhahaha!" Unexplainable.

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?