Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blue Persons Solidarity Front - An Introduction and Manifesto

I know you've all been thinking it. But he's the only one who's been brave enough to blog it.

Yes, I am a Blue Person.

We Blue Persons have been oppressed for centuries by anti-cyanites who will not allow us to re-settle in the homeland promised to us by the BIG BL-- millenia ago.
Incidentally, our promised land is Greenland, which is 81% ice-capped. It's chilly, obviously but it's home.

Anti-cyanites have long maligned our people, attributing our tones and complexions to questionable sexual practices involving asphyxiation. They have written us down in history as baby-eaters and unscrupulous businesspeople, and made us scapegoat for every wrong in civilization's evoloution. However, the stigma is gradually falling away and many of us are finding success in the entertainment industry, our only challenge being the big-budget sfx productions, where we can't work in front of the blue-screens for obvious reasons.

The Blue Persons Solidarity Front is a collective of like-minded Blue Persons who believe that cyan-toned individuals in all their hues can successfully integrate into greater society by embracing progressive ideas while maintaining their Blue Person values.

We also call for Microsoft to change the background colour of their "blue screen of death" to something else, a gentle peach perhaps, as we find this association offensive and deeply anti-cyanitic.


Muhammad said...

I sincerely believe that the blue you see is not the blue I see. We need a colour test to sort this situation out.

I strongly resent anti-cyanitic behavior, it's a conspiracy against the rainbow (notice blue is sandwiched between the more superior colours)


rafiq said...

Da be dee

the guy who writes this crap said...

now that that Tony Leon moron has quit the DA, you should hook up with him to lead your little movement. It'd be cool - he's got years of experience fighting for white supremacy and, c'mon, to shift to a fight for blue supremacy? no problem. go ahead: call him.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's tight underwear.

SingleGuy said...

Hardly one to be a killjoy....I often have blue people for clientele. One time I had this blue patient, but get this...I had to inject him with something blue called Methylene Blue, so that he would become pink.

So,...Do Two Blue's Make a Pink?

Anonymous said...

I hate blue persons...

They are stealing our jobs. ;)


brainhell said...

I'm a hol-out for the plural of 'person' being 'people.'

puresoul said...

its definitely a lack of skills in photoshop :)

The K-man said...

Down with anti-cyanitic sentiment! The Blue's will prevail (and no not chelsea)

The Blue Persons Solidarity Front should establish a paramilitary wing and spread the blueness "Bluekonto cyaniezwe"

The Organ Harvester said...

Sals you rule. that has to be the best piece I have read in the Blog land for a long long time.


Farsh said...

I hope you dont sing along merrily to that annoying song by Eiffel 65 "BLUE".. A few extracts :

I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too...

Bilal said...

blue is pretty
or it makes things look pretty

M Junaid said...

For too long we normal shaded people have had to put up with the whining and bitching off a few agenda pushing Cyanists. why is it that we allow an almost miniscule percentage of the human race to dictate our lives. Cyanism needs to be quelled in the bud. Please note - i am not being anti-primary , i'm merely against Cyanism. The state of Cyan should be dismantled as the mixing of cyans and magenta has led to a barrage of bloodshed.

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