Thursday, January 18, 2007

irony on the pitch

More Ad-Jam: The front page photo from today's Star, with some electric spaghetti commentary added, courtesy of photoshop. Yes, I know, trés insensitive, but it's the voices again, ignore them and they get nasty.
Foreign readers click here for the full story.


Muhammad said...

Nice one mate... I wont be surprised if Metropolitan use it as an advert after they pay out the players :P


Priya said...

ouch, my tummy hurts now.

the guy who writes this crap said...

you're looking to be sued, aren't you?

arshad said...


Foward that to Metropolitan..

very creative.

Dreamlife said...

saw that this morning - was kinda scary actually. imagine being attacked by solid advertising boards.

reminds me of a match years ago where the field was struck by lightning, and i think half the players all got shocked and fell down.

The K-man said...

I was watching that game. It was so freakish. Luckily nobody got seriously hurt. Nice ad jam though


Fatima said...

great advertising idea ;)

I just saw the video of the situation online now.

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