Thursday, January 11, 2007

merci, merci beaucoup

Well, it's not International Burn-a-Dubya-Effigy Day, but it is certainly International Thank You Day, which should be celebrated with as much gusto and fanfare. So to kick-off, thank you Priya for being a bloggie-muse.

Thank you God, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient.
Thank you Mummy (who also turned 45 today) for giving me good genes and being a stellar role-model.
Thank you Granny. (despite the fact that you play the guilt-obligation-i-have-to-see-your-wedding-before-i-die card. love ya.)
Thank you Scaly for being the first entity to utterly shatter me and my naiveté as consequence. If it were not for your skank-ho antics back in the day, I would never have re-built myself into this somewhat wiser, seventh-fold stronger personality. (and I probably wouldn't have studied Journalism at Wits, I wouldn't have met the people I have, had the experiences I did... etc etc..)
Thank you to my most amazing friends for being shoulders, inspirations, sounding boards, ears, prozac and tissues. Thank you every single one of you (well, those who read the blog anyway:) yes, that's you MJ)
Thank you Boss-lady.
Thank you Mak, Speedy and Zee for contributing to the soundtrack of my life.
Thank you Imagine IP for providing me with the bandwidth that facilitates the process of developing the soundtrack to my life.
Thank you Boss-lady for paying for the bandwidth that facilitates the process of developing the soundtrack to my life.
Thank you Significant and Insignificant others for providing me with reams of excellent blog material and character ideas/plotlines.
Thank you words.
Thank you music.
Thank you creativity.
Thank you inspiration.
Thank you coffee.
Thank you rhythm.
Thank you mental imbalance.
Thank you delusions of grandeur.
Thank you impulsiveness.
Thank you Maliha, for bringing your smile into our tired lives.
Thank you Azaadville.
Thank you Blogger.
Thank you rebel-accountant for being the first to link to electric spaghetti and set this madness into motion.
Thank you to all the fans.
Thank you Felix for teaching me how to use taxis (yes, a makwere-kwere had to teach me, a jozi born-and-bred, how to use local transport).
Thank you Google.
Thank you the force that is the Internet.

thank you, thank you, silence.


Priya said...

Pleasure Saal. I have Alanis' song THANK YOU stuck in my head, and not even my MP3 player can drown it out.

Priya said...

OH yeah, YAY FELIX! ain't he a regular lil sweety pie?!
Taxis rule...when it comes to terrorising fellow road users.

queen_Lestat said...

aaah damn, i was reading it and got the alanis bit in my head, and that was gonna be my comment and then i saw it at the end...

aaaah well, great minds :P

Gabriel said...

odd. we have similar posts today.

well not that similar.

but mine is a list of sorts.

FU said...

oops.. the above is me.. i was logged into my gabriel grey email hence "gabriel"

the guy who writes this crap said...

and thank YOU, saaleha, for writing on this blog.

thanks also for getting alanis' stoopidangryihavepms voice stuck in my head. yes, thanks ALOT for THAT! now i've got to go listen to "fire water burn" to get it out of my head (seriously, it works - if you need to get a song out of your head, just listen to that one)

isn't it cool when people you hate end up marrying fat people. or being fat people?

Ruby :) said...

thank u saaleha, for being an inspiration. I wish i could write as brilliantly as u do!! have a lovely wknd

arshad said...

salmz sal.

ThanK YoU 4 All that you have Thought me About Blogging and bein and inspiration 2 Me.
You are An excerlent Writer, you Have this tallent of Putting What you And Every1 Else is Thinking into WorDs..
May you Have alot More To BE ThankFull For In The Years To CoMe..

Rodger that.
Over And Out..GGGrrrr.

take Care

isheeta said...

there was a theme there... and it mostly revolved around the internet! :)

you forgot the most important part - thank you for being YOU!

Steven Novak said...

Don't thank words.

Words are jerks and they won't thank you back. ;)


The K-man said...

AAAAAH ALANIS. lol i hated the video for that song. Cool post and Thank you


kimya said...

good gosh! alanis should pay YOU a royalty for this! even i got her rants in my head for a bit and thought i was travellin in a parall universe wen i read other alanis comments! lol..

but its a beatiful post, and a reminder of what a creative freeing thing it is to find, comemmorate and celebrate reasons and ppl to be GREATful 4 :P

hey i think i saw ruBy ruBes in here somewhere! :)

kimya said...

Thank you, ELectric Spaghetti for sparking some creative inspirations that carry and electrifying momentum into blogland;

and Thank You, Saals. For. :)

M Junaid said...

thanks - i feel special
oh yeah - steve's right - dont thank words - especially those little bastards that appear under the comments block that i have to type in before my post comes up .'word verification my ass'. i get it wrong at times so it makes me feel stupid. or maybe i'm dyslexic. but i rlleay dbout it

Moe said...

I had to laugh at "Thank you Azaadville."

o and seventh-fold stronger personality means??

....for those who didn't have the song in their head....

Thank you india
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence

Priya said...

Arggggg! I love that song but it is now carved, engraved and burnt into my memory.

su said...

Thank u
thank u

ok, i just couldn't resist...

and thank u saal...for an introduction to the blogger-verse... :)

i may just join u yet...
yes me, and eveyone else whose seen that damn stork ad :p

Dreamlife said...

"Thank you Significant and Insignificant others for providing me with reams of excellent blog material and character ideas/plotlines."

when's the book coming out? :)

Muhammad said...

You're Welcome Saal.

Thank you for contributing to my Vocabulary! As usual, I have to run for the dictionary everytime a post on your blog pops up :P


that or
Thank you!



Bilal said...

and i see that you dont need me anymore..

Profane. Profound. What's your poison?